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About the Book

Book: Aivan: The One Truth Author: Kayla E. Green Genre: Young Adult Christian Fantasy Release Date: July 23, 2022 Two young people from opposite sides of the Great Continent must make sense of their life. Rune has grown up all of her life in the mountainous northern nation of Kansanai. As granddaughter of the Senior Elder, she has been a devout believer of the Vihishki gods her whole life. Yet, when a prophet challenges the Vihishki gods against his Aivan, the One Truth, everything she thought she knew is turned upside down. Will she be able to let go of the life she thought she deserved for something far greater than what she could have ever imagined? Rolf goes through the motions of everyday life in the southern nation of Etalentin. Yet, his routine is disrupted when a voice claiming to be the one true God speaks to him. Listening to his heart, he follows Aivan, but he is thrown temptation after temptation on his journey. Will Rolf be able to resist the temptations in order to fulfill Aivan’s plan for him? Aivan: The One Truth is a story about self-discovery, identity, and faith.  
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About the Author

Kayla E. Green is a school librarian, speculative fiction author, and poet who adores her husband and their furbabies. When she isn’t writing, reading, or taking photos for her bookstagram, she loves singing loudly and off-key to KLove Radio, napping, and pretending she’s a unicorn. Her award-winning YA fantasy novella, Aivan: The One Truth, and her inspirational poetry collection, Metamorphosis, are now available through book retailers. Kayla also has stories and poems featured in various anthologies, contest-winning stories published with Clean Fiction Magazine, and several flash fiction stories available online through Havok Publishing.    

More from Kayla

Working in education, it often is disheartening to see how much darkness bombards today’s youth. With Aivan: The One Truth, the forthcoming Chronicles of the One Truth series, and all my writing, my primary goal is to offer young readers a beacon of hope in this dark world. Alluding to many stories and lessons found in the Old Testament, Aivan is a fast-paced novella designed to capture young readers and pull them into the world of the Great Continent. It is my biggest prayer with this book that Rune and Rolf’s journey in this fantasy narrative will serve as a guiding light to lead readers of all ages to seek truth in our reality—the truth that can only be found through our one true God. One of my current projects is developing a companion devotional for Aivan: The One Truth as well as the full-length novels that will be part of the complete Chronicles of the One Truth series (which will be released at a later date). The devotional would be a tool for parents, teachers, and pastors to use along with the book to help young readers understand the themes and biblical parallels. Two major themes within the novella center around identity and purpose. Rune’s struggles with disappointment with shattered dreams and the heartache of feeling lost, alone, and unfulfilled are struggles that are arguably universal. In looking at Rune’s journey, young readers as well as adult readers can recognize the real-world challenges of identity: Who exactly are we? In today’s world, there is a constant battle between God and society. How can one embrace their identity as a child of God when the world demands us to rage and rebel against that title? In Exodus 3:11 (NIV) Moses asks God, “Who am I?” after he is told to go to the Pharaoh to rescue the Israelites. God tells Moses, “I am with you,” (Exodus 3:12, NIV). Similar to Moses’ walk of faith, Rune, like us all, must learn to accept the truth. Like Aivan in the fantasy novella, our God, the one true God, is always with us. We may not immediately—or ever—understand His plan; however, through Him we are whole, redeemed, and loved. And in that, we have great purpose. I pray that whoever reads Aivan: The One Truth finds parallels to our own world and finds solace knowing that we are because God is the great “I Am.” In my upcoming companion devotional, I will explore the concepts of identity and purpose from a biblical perspective. Anyone who wants updates on this, should follow my blog and subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know!

Interview with the Author

When you are not writing, what other hats do you wear? What do you do for fun?

I am a school librarian and, as an educator, I wear many hats during the school day. Outside of work and being an author, I also wear the hats of wife, furmom, avid reader and reviewer, book blogger, and unicorn in training. I love spending time with my husband, our dogs and cat, and extended family. Singing loudly and off-key to KLove Radio, browsing stores for sugar skulls to add to my growing collection, and arts & craft projects are also things I enjoy. Additionally, I like to paint, go on walks, and binge audiobooks while doing housework.

What is your favorite genre to read? What about that genre draws you?

My all time favorite genre to read is fantasy. I absolutely adore stories that share messages of hope within a world of magic and whimsy. I remember the first book I read nearly 20 years ago that led me to first fall in love with fantasy: Dealing with Dragons by Patricia Wrede. A girl who purposefully runs off to work for a dragon to avoid marrying some prince? There’s lots of magic, whimsy, and humor, and relatable themes for the real world. And honestly a book, a genre, that can fill your heart two decades later? How can one not love it forever?!

What historical figure do you admire and why?

            I studied history in college and there are a few different people that come to mind including Queen Isabella of Portugal (16th century). She was the wife of Emperor Charles V, and while he was traveling she served as the regent of Spain. My master’s thesis explored her role in actively recruiting Spanish women to travel to the New World in order to serve as teachers for noble indigenous girls. Her reasoning was that women were needed to teach women; once the indigenous women learned of God and their language and writing then they would in turn help share that knowledge with children and the men. What I most admire about her is that she is often glossed over by historians and summarized as frail and delicate, albeit pious. However, it is clear in examining her letters shared with religious leaders that she was a forward thinker who supported other women and recognized their role as teachers and ultimately cultural leaders in society. Isabella didn’t seek glory for herself but simply did what was necessary to spread knowledge and the word of God while supporting women as pillars of education and communities. I also admire Catalina Bustamante who was one of the women recruited; there is a statue in present-day Mexico which honors her as the “first teacher” in the New World.

What is your current WIP? What can you tell us about it?

            I am happy to share! I am wrapping up some major edits on the first book of a new young adult fantasy duology, The Tritonia Chronicles. The first book is titled The Goodness of Unicorns. The final blurb has not been released yet but I will share that it will be a must read for fans of noble bright fantasy narratives with no magic but elements of blessings and unique giftings, strong sister bonds, friends to lovers and chosen one tropes, and stories that show light prevailing over darkness! The book is being published with Ambassador International. Be sure to follow both me and AI on Instagram for updates (@ambassadorintl @theunicornwriter93).

What is your favorite children’s book?

            I’m currently an elementary school librarian! It is nearly impossible to pick just one favorite children’s book…Maybe I’ll Love You Forever by Robert Munsch? I also love The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss, I Know the Plans by Jennifer Bosma, and Guess How Much God Loves You by Karen Ferguson.  

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