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Book Title: Collision Course Author Name: Millie Inman Genre: Historical Fiction Release Date: October 19, 2023 The shocking death of the popular Prince of Wales launches his young heir from innocent childhood into a roiling caldron of political jealousy and intrigue. Set in all the glory of mid-eighteenth century England, the child prince is urgently prepared for his estranged grandfather’s throne. Under the wing of his godly tutor-advisor, the youth staggers through an escalating minefield of hazards. Juxtaposed with the prince’s story, is the life of a down-and-out firebrand statesman considering retirement from public service, including the House of Commons because he’s under the king’s fervent disfavor. As rumors of coup d’etat swirl around the prince, an alliance between the youth and the flagging Member of Parliament (MP) secures hope of a safe ascension. The alliance also catapults the prince’s gentle advisor and the seasoned statesman MP into the two most powerful men in Great Britain. One controls the next king. The other controls Parliament. Then, in the face of escalating war, a shocking twist changes everything. Collision Course shatters clichés as it treks through England’s finest gardens and dines with kings and statesmen, all the while peering into the universal nature of the human soul and the heartbeat of corrupted constitutional government. This is the true, untold story of alliance, ambition, betrayal, loss, and recovery that set the world stage for the American Revolution.  

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Afterward, he’d put on a light frock and gone on to his garden at Kew where he’d caught a fresh cold which sent him abed again. On Monday, he had excruciating coughing fits with his doctors in attendance. They bled him and predicted improvement. On Wednesday two doctors attended from nine to ten in the evening as coughing fits resumed. Dr. Wilmot assured the prince he’d brought up sufficient phlegm to feel better by morning. But sometime in the night, His Royal Highness struggled to raise his head and cried out death was upon him. His German valet beside him held him up and felt him tremble. “Good God! The prince is going!” Princess Augusta, dozing in a chair at the foot of the bed, lunged toward her husband. But he was gone as she collapsed on his chest in a final tearful embrace. And England’s winsome dream of a patriot king—a peace-loving, unifying father of all the people—was feared lost forever too. Chapter 1 A mighty fortress is our God, A bulwark never failing. —Martin Luther   Prince George was twelve when Papa died. Papa had recently set him up in his own household, the dyed-in the-wool tradition for a Crown Prince approaching puberty. It was something about preparation for a righteous king could be better accomplished with less parental influence.  

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