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About the Book

Book: Guardian Author: Cathy McCrumb Genre: Science Fiction Release Date: February 20, 2024 The Recorder’s fate has been sealed, but the Consortium is not the only enemy. Labeled an aberration by the Consortium, the Recorder is not yet free. Time is running out as an engineered bioweapon wreaks havoc on friend and foe alike. Stopping both the biological agent and the people who created it is no easy task, especially since the Recorder and her friends are trapped on a research station infested with behemoth insects. Without Consortium technology, the probability of neutralizing the threat falls to nothing. In order to save her allies, the Recorder must activate a drone, but her success might destroy any hope for freedom, a future, and a name.  
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About the Author

Cathy McCrumb graduated from Biola University with a degree in English Literature and a love for stories. She and her husband, whom she met while writing letters to soldiers, have five children and currently live within the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. While writing is one of her favorite things to do, she also enjoys reading, long hikes and long naps, gluten-free brownies and raspberries, and crocheting while watching science fiction movies with friends and family.      

More from Cathy

Someone asked me recently why I wrote Guardian.  My answer was that the whole Children of the Consortium trilogy is my love song to people who feel left out. In the first novel, the Recorder—a young woman with no name, no family, and no friends—doesn’t see her life as valuable. As she discovers friendship and love, however, she realizes that every person in the system is unique, and this by definition must include her, too. How often do we doubt our own value and that of the people around us? In a world that prioritizes youth, beauty, health, and success, many people are on the outside, looking in. I suspect that deep down, a lot of us wrestle with who we are and how we fall short of this external measuring tape. The truth, however, is very, very different from the lie of worthlessness. While we have names (and don’t usually encounter two-meter insects, for which I am extremely thankful), we frequently forget that as humans, even though we are fallen, we are made in God’s image. Furthermore, as Christians, we have been both called and adopted. Zephaniah 3:17 says that the Lord is with us. He takes “great delight” in us and rejoices over us. What an amazing, beautiful, and comforting image. The One who formed the stars, who breathed life into every human on the planet rejoices over YOU. My prayer is that you find hope and joy in the midst of darkness, whether or not you find friends in the pages of these novels. Look to the Lord and hold fast to the fact that you are unique and valuable. Because even when you feel like you’re on the outside looking in, you are never alone.

Interview with the Author

  • Do you read books in this genre? If so, who do you like to read? I do! I don’t tend to read Christian sci-fi while I am writing, but authors like Daniel Schwabauer, Sophia L. Hansen, Kerry Neitz, and Clint Hall are amazing!
  • What helps you to write? Do you eat snacks, listen to music? I usually listen to music. While I’m writing, most of the music is instrumental, but there are a few pieces I know so well that the words (while they still matter) no longer interfere with what I am typing. Different characters have different songs, and I like listening to those playlists while I drive because those songs help me think through scenes.
  • If you could travel back in time, what time period would you go to? That’s a toss-up! While I would love to see Regency and Victorian England, lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the 1880s in the American West.
  • What is your favorite hymn and why? “In Christ Alone” I love the assertion that my hope is found in Christ, and always will be. This hymn has been a comfort and a reminder when things have been difficult.
  • Share with me a few of your favorite things. Kittens. Belly laughing with my kids. The moment in a Christmas Eve service when the congregation lifts up candles and sings “Silent Night”. Warm gluten-free brownies with vanilla ice cream melting on top. Soft blankets and baby snuggles. Belting out Switchfoot songs at the top of my lungs while driving on the freeway with the windows down. Regency romance novels and epic fantasy. Particular dogs. Standing alone by an icy lake while snow falls and covers the world with quiet.

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